1977 BMW 630csi: H&B

swirl pot and new fuel pump

during the vintage rallies and on few occasion outside of the event, i came to the conclusion of the bosch 044 being grossly overworked. my setup had the bosch in the OE location, one would think an inline external pump could replace a inline external pump. unfortunately that was not the case. the 044 had been working fine but started to fail, by just stopping after working for awhile. the pump did its job on safety and designed to stop when it gets too hot, but leaving me sitting while it had to cool. the 044 was never intended to be used as a puller but rather a pusher. not to mention it was puller the fuel up and out before pushing to the engine, its needs to be fed not feed itself.

my solution was to add a lift pump, and swirl pot. the lift pump i used is the facet dura-lift, its mainly used in farming or diesel applications, but it’s a great unit: 12v, flows 33 gallons per hour and has 120″ dry lift. its self priming, filtered, and has an internal check valve all for under $100!


this pump is lifting the fuel from my factory tank and loading a swirl pot. the swirl pot has around a gallon capacity and doubles as a return res, fuel cooling and gravity feed for the 044 bosch which is mounted below.. i also replaced the 044 with a brand new one.


the install wasn’t the most pleasant task, honestly was a pretty tall order.. i used mercedes benz fuel pump isolating mounts and ss nylon braided line thru out. though ill likely go with teflon to fight the odor.

i’m happy to report no failures since this install.





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