1977 BMW 630csi: H&B

cinco de dyno

after all the street and remote tuning it was finally time. i’m happy to report:

  • 270.6 whp at 6200
  • 210 ftlbs

overall i’m pleased with 270rwhp, here we have just reg old pump gas.. 93 with ethanol. my target was to clear 250 and 300 was a goal. i think the 300 is doable. i had some heat soak on all the later pulls after tuned. once cool the numbers would go back up..

also the harmonics on the trumpets with length i have gave me some reverberations up top seen in the map.. im certain with longer runners, no filter elements and some sort of heat protection ill make a fair amount more but i wanted a real world number that was true to my drivable setup..

it hit and held max tq at 2100rpm all the way thru.

with a 20% driveline loss thats a net of 338hp at crank. 318hp is 15% is used.



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