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your switch is on.

its the small things. light

haltech home

oh hi.haltechhouse

advance auto idiots

FYI these plugs aren’t the same. I wanted some spares for tuning and took my part number to Advance as they said over the phone they had what i wanted.

Make sure you check your numbers at the store. they are real world keyboard commandos with zero knowledge beyond that screen



after the complete front end overhaul. the toe was ridiculous. jeg’s has this kit for 55$ (the cost of a single alignment) that allows me to tweak the toe at home. pretty pumped about it. nice quality and easy to use.



whelp that autozone REMAN’ed starter was garage. here’s another plus another from elsewhere. things will start.


Starting: Crank 1 and Crank 2



crank 1  (starter on the fritz)

crank 2 (stable fuel etc…)

My Favorite Shop Hand

brandtson is the best shop buddy and most reliable.  couldn’t have done it without him


         IMG_4774 IMG_4777 IMG_4804


pulled the VC for a little pre-crank lube job.

(nice and clean)   *note the double row timing chain conversion!


COMPLETE…………….. ?


DIY: Hall Effect Crankshaft Sensor

since I’m no longer using the L-Jet system & converted to the 60-2 crank wheel i needed a sensor. i used the threaded shaft style from diyautune at the same time made mount and wired her up with great success!


thermostat sensors

found this gem on a early build forum.  states sensor ID and locations.tstat

positive power distribution


Fuel Pump Failure

the car had an aftermarket pump upon arrival to the stable. though i was unsure of its age. the 5 years it sat probably didnt help.  went with a tuner favorite the BOSCH 0580254044 @ 300 LPH


wiring woes : flasher relay

so this little guy gave me a fit!  they are no longer available but on my web research i located some info about this guy being used in a motorcycle. and that with some finagling they can be saved!   here’s the link 

Hella 71315 Relay

OG_relay OG_relay2 OG_relay3

harness wiring

This was quite possibly the most tedious and time consuming part of this build. i have a new found respect for those that wire and do it cleanly. this is car is my humble attempt. though i now know moving forward ill go the extra mile to do it correctly.


Prev. Owner Oddities

ran across this.. #thinkthatwillwork ?


haltech house

The EMS is a huge part of this project. it needs a safe and accessible place to live. it also needs its own circuitry meaning relays, fuses and distribution points.

this gallery documents my build and placement of the Haltech EMS and components.


New shop tool

larry 2 by nebo! awesome.

The Larry™2 is a pocket sized LED flashlight and laser pointer with big light output. Boasting a 160 lumens, the Larry™2 is the essential handyman light. The 180º rotating magnetic clip ensures you get light exactly where want it, without needing to hold the light. Larry™2 features up to 6 hours of continuous illumination, has an impact and water-resistant plastic body, with an ergonomic grip.