1977 BMW 630csi: H&B

wiring woes : flasher relay

so this little guy gave me a fit!  they are no longer available but on my web research i located some info about this guy being used in a motorcycle. and that with some finagling they can be saved!   here’s the link 

Hella 71315 Relay

OG_relay OG_relay2 OG_relay3

Prev. Owner Oddities

ran across this.. #thinkthatwillwork ?


VIN plates

the original plate, karmann made. pretty cool


pulling the block

time to get dirty. and we have a scored block


H&B wheels

were the original H&B 3-ps wheels of the era. i sold em to recoup expenses and i wasn’t a fan of the fitment. they are still avail today.

tear down part 2

i knew the head gasket was blown at time of purchase, here are the photos of its removal and the carnage that ensued pushing me toward the direction i took for a full rebuild.

  • note the “hemi’d”out chambers
  • ringed head
  • heat shield on hood
  • all point to what used to be a boosted monster


tear down part 1

noting device location prior to removal.

original photos

.these are the original photos from the sale and initial inspection.