1977 BMW 630csi: H&B

H&B decals output

had my buddy Smeraglinolo (yes thats really his name) make these for me from the original templates, took a bit of work in prep on my end and he spent a great deal of time making them, however for now im holding off on installing.



H&B decals

these are so sweet!


H&B decal kit

also acquired this from H&B but decided against using it. contact me for high res.

H&B wheels

were the original H&B 3-ps wheels of the era. i sold em to recoup expenses and i wasn't a fan of the fitment. they are still avail today.

Air Dam

oddly enough HB specialists (once H&B) still had an original in the RAW gel-coat e24 air dam. safe to say i picked it up.

H&B service records

some one loved this car and that some one spent some serious coin on it.

note the:
  • full engine rebuild
  • trans service

e24 H&B : Order Sheet


H&B history article 1

JAN. 1979 car @ driver magazine


Chatting with H&B

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H&B photos

here are some shots of the car direct from Allen Hardy (formerly H&B)