1977 BMW 630csi: H&B

m30 vector



ill just leave this here.


Coming to a newstand near you!


cars & coffee


the vintage 2016

shooting professionally has resulted in me rarely shooting events, so this wont be pic heavy. beyond my driveway selfies prior to leaving. we always have a fantastic time and have met many great people and great friends.

heres a link to the photo portion of the event.

IMG_6302 IMG_6303

below are a few additional photos.

Euro Classica 2014

prior to dyno tuning, between remote street tuning & sporadic outings i decided to head to the euro classica. albeit without power steering and without proper stopping power. it proved to be worth it was a great outing with the family (they drove separate) the car brought home best in show.






afterward we were invited to show the car at a local charity event with some fantastic company. what a great end to great day.

clean slate

after about 5 years of not seeing the floor. garage_2

completed bay

ds_motor ps_motor

My Favorite Shop Hand

brandtson is the best shop buddy and most reliable.  couldn’t have done it without him


         IMG_4774 IMG_4777 IMG_4804

AUX. fan interrupt switch

the haltech ems will be controlling my AUX. cooling fan, since i deleted the mechanical clutch fan. here are a few shots of the wiring and switch. the led indicator gave me a fit acting as a diode while the switch was wired to the negative. a little tweaking gave me the following:

  • switch:
    1. Blk wire = ground
    2. grey/red = signal plus jumper to Negative side of led
  • led:
    1. white = jumper mentioned above.
    2. orange = 12v on or acc. wirephoto




COIL positioning

this will be the home of the LS1 coil packs.

new fuel system

the old system was flat out garbage. new pump and filter.

little helpers