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e32 MC

25mm plunger. massive upgrade with little modification . aside from the wilwoods 🙂



successful street tuning

pic is pretty telling, reliable and strong.IMG_6108 ready for next steps


time for a change, sold the billy boat



went full custom. not to bad for shadetree job.



still debating the tip, i went with the angled straight cut but still the rolled tip too.


loctite the crankpulley

make sure you use loctite on those with 2-pc crank pulley and balancers. especially if you have a cold natured low idling big six with a hot cam..  or this will happen, i’m very fortunate that i caught it..


brake caliper rebuild

someday up to six years ago the brakes on the car decided to seize unbenounced to me until i was behind the wheel. the rebuild was very time consuming, with many many steps.

  • you can still get the rebuild kits with a little wait.
  • for the prep i used brake cleaner and gasoline, with a great deal of brushing.
  • followed by a soak in evapo-rust to loosen & remove pistons. a close inspection of the pistons and channels gave me hope for a rebuild.
  • i sanded the pistons with 1500 grit paper, more brushing followed
  • then another soak even longer for all bits, several days.
  • a cleaning in brake clean & a new soak method but this time in ATE super blue 3 days
  • reassemble

Euro Classica 2014

prior to dyno tuning, between remote street tuning & sporadic outings i decided to head to the euro classica. albeit without power steering and without proper stopping power. it proved to be worth it was a great outing with the family (they drove separate) the car brought home best in show.






afterward we were invited to show the car at a local charity event with some fantastic company. what a great end to great day.