1977 BMW 630csi: H&B

Sidedraft Filters : BILLS B RACING

custom filters in any color combo and application. with insanely fast shipping …

Screen shot 2013-12-11 at 10.30.14 AM

parker hose saves the day again.

i cant count how many times i’ve used parker hydraulics fittings for special needs on all my cars. their counter stores are a great resource for barb, metric, and JIC/-AN fittings & hoses.

  • running the e28 535 radiator
  • wanted use the OE sensor from my e24 (which is huge) the standard OE hex plugs wouldnt turn because of clearance
  • solution: Parker 14mm inner hex plug.

photo 1

temp sensor

70$ later


AUX. fan interrupt switch

the haltech ems will be controlling my AUX. cooling fan, since i deleted the mechanical clutch fan. here are a few shots of the wiring and switch. the led indicator gave me a fit acting as a diode while the switch was wired to the negative. a little tweaking gave me the following:

  • switch:
    1. Blk wire = ground
    2. grey/red = signal plus jumper to Negative side of led
  • led:
    1. white = jumper mentioned above.
    2. orange = 12v on or acc. wirephoto




Seals-it Firewall Grommets

really stoked to see the haltech harness poke thru these guys. such a nice dress up item!


spal puller fan

since i am no longer using the giant mechanical clutch fan. the spal 30100435 puller fan should be plenty, its only a 10″ its low profile and 802 cfm.

Screen shot 2013-08-15 at 1.49.05 PM


amazon sure knows how to waste shipping space and material.





only a little blood from the new radiator blades.


sexy motor shot

getting close. exhaust and tune remain


Vacuum Block

not bad for an ebay special. the build quality is great. also notice the injectors and fuel line straps installed.

IMG_3995 IMG_3997

GTR injectors

yes GTR injectors. 3bar  = 570ccc.  thats whats up.



2004 c5 z06 LS1 packs should be suitable for my spark. i got to fab up a 2×3-6 cylinder mount for me.

ls ls1

new fuel system

the old system was flat out garbage. new pump and filter.

velocity stacks

after sending in my measurements these showed up about a week later. would’ve like longer ones but these were the longest i could fit and still use a filter elements. they look so mean, i cant wait to hear it.


ITB : Sidedraft

been installing the throttle bodies over the last few days, i went with a TWM induction systems setup. little disappointed with fit issues needed to be addressed considering price point. a good bit of filing and some additional machining was needed.

after install i recorded data for the stacks based on clearances and have them on order.

below are some of the fit issues:

     contact with tstat housing / hardware clearance.

motor shot

shot of the engine, using this for mapping out the EMS placement. and this is likely the last shot before the sidedraft install.


oil cooler and filter

got a remote mount adapter from the power plant. running inline peterson oil filter with mocal tstat. along with an earls cooler.

accessories all mounted up.



a free redtop. added me some fancy terminals too.


wrong valve cover…………….

pics speak volumes.

motor in!

big step, the down hill race to cranking has started.


engine on the way in.



got these from Paul Ladue in California




had the powerplant do my long assembly.

i painted her cummins beige.



some porting porn. (b35 head : 90 casting)


the original was far gone.. all new.