1977 BMW 630csi: H&B


given my heart still bleeds for the e368 ill pay homage lby using 4 rear 17×9’s. adding a little H&B flare to the centers.

also note i converted the car to studs. the center bore is correct but i felt safer as i am running a 100mm HR spacers up front.

added some bosch yellow for flare

VIN plates

the original plate, karmann made. pretty cool


new rocker trim

picked up new trim for both sides along with mounting hardware


mirror delete

thats right, i found the OE pass. side plate at a yard and then ordered the euro/drivers one from BMW munich. 

H&B decals output

had my buddy Smeraglinolo (yes thats really his name) make these for me from the original templates, took a bit of work in prep on my end and he spent a great deal of time making them, however for now im holding off on installing.



front bumper tuck & grill paint

installing the HB air dam

mulled over this for months, finally decided to try it out. should have it back from paint very soon.

airdam_2 airdam

early antenna mast info

got this guy dialed and looking sharp

antenna 362 51509 1375555



Air Dam

oddly enough HB specialists (once H&B) still had an original in the RAW gel-coat e24 air dam. safe to say i picked it up.