1977 BMW 630csi: H&B

Booster delete.

So i’ve spent a tremendous amount of time and money on the stopping ability of the car forever chasing a great pedal without fail.

For a little reminder, I completely rebuilt the calipers, installed a tii booster, rebuilt my factory ATE Master Cylinder,  Installed a E32 Master Cylinder, and then on to Wilwood calipers. Ultimately each iteration above was trial and error, sure they worked but not for me. I wanted the car to feel like it put you thru the windshield not like i had wooden shoes.

My latest attempt at personal perfection, a fully manual setup which meant a booster delete and smaller dedicated master cylinder. honestly the idea made sense, I lost a fair volume of vacuum by going with the ITBs. Even with the additional reservoir for vacuum could I potentially point the finger there for my poor pedal? perhaps. After a fair amount of research i found it had be done, and fairly common.

There are a few off the shelf options for the e30 chassis in europe, a few ebay jams,  and one or two DIY avenues. I was leaning heavily toward the DIY side, then i ran across Chase Bays. They offer many clean components for mostly the JDM, BUT they offer nearly the same support for a few BMW chassis’s. A complete booster delete setup for e30 and e28 cars can be had for a modest price. I reached out to Chase M. direct and he was extremely helpful and won my business, i went with his full Brake Booster Eliminator and the Clutch adapter and Proportioning valve bracketry.

I opted to get the 7/8″ master cylinder from wilwood direct as i wanted the full kit with different reservoir sizes. (though it’s the same as he offers). I spoke to wilwood at great length as well, and believe this to be great option. I did have to DIY a few bits and put my own swing on things.

  1. I added a 3/8″ Banjo with bleeder nipple to the master cylinder.
  2. I made all new hardlines.
  3. Implemented the Wilwood 10mm bubble flare proportioning valve for rear bias.
  4. Added new Clutch cylinder and Slave cylinder
  5. Made a new pedal linkage for correct geometry

another benefit here the clean bay, and with no booster i can likely go with longer trumpets for the sidedraft.

Below are the pics:

final before/after

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