1977 BMW 630csi: H&B
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a little powder





10.8 ratio wisecos –

308 dbilas camshaft –

 Duration:  : 308  Peak timing:  : 105  Valve lift:  : 12,2  Lift at TDC:  : 3,9  Valve timing:  : 49/79 – 79/49  Valve clearence:  : 25/25 “


death_dome 308cam



MS springs installed.

along with new lower arms up front. (racing dynamic springs are green the MS are black)

SS braided brake lines

found a set of NOS SS lines on ebay, pretty rare. precision was the brand i believe.


rebuilt master cylinder

i rebuilt  and painted the master cylinder, along with new BMW braided blue lines. the whole system also got ATE super blue fluid.

Booster installed

Tii_booster_mounted Tii_booster_mounted2

Brake Booster

in order run a m30 sidedraft, you have to remove the OE brake booster and go with a smaller one. otherwise the housing will not allow for you to run trumpets… i went with a tii booster.

heres the oe vs the tii. also the modified tii linkage & the tii booster alone

head unit and speakers

added a new head unit and all new speakers and wires:

Pioneer DEH-P9400BH CD Receiver – Pioneer TS-A6974R A-Series 6″x9″ 3-Way 500 Watts – Pioneer TS-G4644R – 4″ x 6″ 2-Way Speaker

*note the old XO.

center console

had a buddy at bmw order me a fresh center console grill.

H&B Gauge POD

these are the original HB gauges and cluster, ive removed these from their home. i wanted to document these here. this is neat piece.


wink mirror

love these! a must since i have no sidemirrors


broken HVAC vent driveshaft

upon my removal of the HVAC and its components this pass vent control shaft snapped. these are very very hard to find. i had to improvise.

heres my solution. some ss hardware drilled  and tapped a bionic extension.

vent_linkage vent_linkage2

HVAC controls

touched this up with new paint and bulbs.


blower control

had some blower transistors go out, actually both did. pretty easy fix.

HVAC_blower_trans_new2 HVAC_blower_trans_new





cleaned this guy, new paint, made some new illuminating windows, and polished the cover.


monte carlo

the original 4-spoke alpina wheel had severe dry rotting and cracking, i opted to go with the momo monte carlo for the period correct look and its one of my favorites anyway. its also a little smaller.





was also able to grab this gem from HB, perhaps the last NOS shift knob. took some modding to fit my custom linkage*

*e36  rogue engineering lower shifter with custom lever. also made solid aluminum shifter mounts and converted the 265 trans linkage to the wider knuckle which involved creating a new link, all of which got new bushings and rubber.


front seats

also got oldson’s to recover the flofits in black vinyl. the car had scheels at one point based on the history of the car, however they were gone when i got it. the flofits are a nice period correct option with a steel frame and recaro sport look.



the door cards and side panels were in great shape, new retaining clips and cleaning. along with new chrome from munich.

someone had cut tweeters in them. so in turn i put fresh ones in also.



rear seats

got oldson’s to recover my interior bits. first was the rear buckets. they covered the rear center, the rear deck got fresh covers and the headrests got a cleaning.


black kidneys

chrome was pretty rough, painted the kidneys and freshened up the grill inserts


new blast cabinet

kari got me this for fathers day, should help a lot with some of these old parts.  modified it with a blower line inside and resealed it.blastcab

update: Motosports Series Springs

Something had me uneasy about running a cut spring on the car.. sold the RD’s and picked up some NOS Motrorsport Series Springs from BFC. they look great mounted